Key characteristics of a ‘successful’ Nonprofit Committee/Board

What are the key characteristics?    How do we recognize a ‘successful’ Nonprofit Committee/Board?

  1. Committed people
  2. Enthusiastic people
  3. Open to different ideas
  4. All show interest in potential and new committee/board members
  5. People interested in the work of the committee/board are welcomed and included
  6. Differences are respected
  7. Not entrenched in ways and means – committee says ‘when’ not ‘if’
  8. Clear ways to do things – decisions are implemented effectively and efficiently
  9. Members empower each other
  10. Work as a team
  11. Share the workload rather than having a core working group
  12. Social relations among members are open and inclusive
  13. The organisation’s philosophy and values are manifested as welcoming and inclusive behaviours
  14. Actively accountable to association members
  15. Leads by serving, and helping people to fulfil their needs, interests and aspirations
  16. Close connection with the association’s membership base and with the local or target community
  17. Responsive to community needs
  18. Achieves agreed goals with and through people – and to the best of their ability, within available or accessible resources

Evidence of a successful Committee/Board

  1. The committee/board-as-a-whole is informed, alert, action-oriented, with formal structures to inform wise decisions and effective communication
  2. A consistently high quality of committee/board meetings
  3. A consistently high level of ‘job satisfaction’ among existing committee/board members